Donations and contributions

The Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition is a membership organization with a 501 (c) (3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service. It is incorporated under the laws of the state of Kansas. Membership consists of state and local agencies, professional health associations, health departments, community wellness and tobacco control coalitions, as well as a variety of individuals and other groups dedicated to tobacco prevention and cessation goals in Kansas. As part of its mission, it partners with many organizations to promote health and wellness through tobacco free policies and programs.

Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition provides its programming through an assortment of grant funding and in kind assistance from members with their own missions that include tobacco control efforts.

Major funding for the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition has been provided since 1994 from the Kansas Health Foundation. The Kansas Health Foundation is a private philanthropy dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans. One of the major focuses of the funding for the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition is prevention of initiation of tobacco by children and the protection of children from the hazards of secondhand smoke.

Grant funding and donations over the years have also provided media campaigns, planning sessions, youth empowerment projects, and educational programs across the state.

Any and all contributions are welcome, other than from those organizations with ties to tobacco companies.