TFKC 2021 Legislative Priorities

Increase the tax on cigarettes by $1.50/pack with a comparable tax increase on other tobacco products and electronic smoking devices to prevent a future generation from ever picking up a tobacco product.

Cigarettes are currently taxed at $1.29/pack (ranked 33rd in the US) and
other tobacco products are taxed at 10% of wholesale price, a level that
hasn’t increased since 1972.
TFKC urges lawmakers to define electronic smoking devices as tobacco
products and bringing the tax in line with the tax on cigarettes to
comprehensively address tobacco use in Kansas.

Protect funding for the Tobacco Use Prevention Program and work toward full funding for the lifesaving program.

In SFY 2019, the state allocated $847,041 to tobacco prevention, which is
just 3% of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual
spending target.
By comparison, Big Tobacco spends $76 million annually on marketing
deadly products in Kansas each year.

Expand Medicaid to enhance tobacco cessation support for Kansans.

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Adopt comprehensive restrictions on the sale of all flavored tobacco products to protect Kansas kids from a lifetime of tobacco use.

Flavors are a marketing weapon used by Big Tobacco targeting youth and
young people for lifetime addiction. TFKC urges lawmakers to restrict the
sale of all flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, in
order to protect Kansas kids..

Increase the impact of the Kansas Clean Indoor Air Act by removing existing exemptions.

The Kansas Clean Indoor Air Act was passed in 2010 before electronic
smoking devices had fully arrived on the market. State statute does not
currently prohibit the use of these devices in public spaces.

TFKC urges lawmakers to remove the current exemptions for electronic
smoking devices, casinos, private clubs, tobacco shops and a percentage
of hotel rooms to fully protect Kansans from the harmful impact of
secondhand smoke.

Protect local control and oppose tobacco preemption

Preemption refers to policies that stop or limit local communities and/or
states from enacting policy solutions; it is a constraint on local legal

Kansas should support the right of local governments to pass laws to
allow for local tobacco control and enforcement, protect health and
promote equity in their communities.