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For public health to improve in Kansas, we need information, access to policy makers and commitment to promoting policy changes.
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How to make a phone call

Phone calls to legislators can be effective communication tools. Legislators are away from their offices most of the day during the session, so they can be hard to reach in person. Follow the guidelines for writing a letter but keep messages short, simple, and specific, leaving your name and contact information number. Indicate whether you are speaking for yourself or as part of a group, and make sure that the policy maker will understand if you are a constituent from their district. The same information can be left as a message with the legislator's office assistant.

You can locate the name of your legislators by connecting with the interactive map at the KU Institute of Policy and Social Research. If you know the name of your legislators but not the contact information for them click on  the Kansas Legislature's House Members link or the Senate Members link for phone, email and address.

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