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TFKC Communication's Document

This document contains information about Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition's goals, mission, values, key issues, knowing what works and provides a tobacco overview with statistics, etc. Imagine What We Can Do Together!!!  TFKC Communication's Document

2011-15 Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Plan

Partners with the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition  have provided tobacco control advocates and public health personnel with a new Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Plan for 2011-15 and the Executive Summary

If tobacco prevention and cessation were fully funded for the entire length of this five-year plan, Kansas would expect to see the following outcomes:

  • Adult smoking prevalence rates reduced from 17.8% to 13.9%.
  • High school smoking prevalence rates reduced from 17.1% to 13.6%.
  • Smoking rates for adults without a high school education lowered from 36.3% to 32.7%.
  • Smoking rates for adults with annual household incomes below $15,000 lowered from 34% to 30.6%.
  • Calls for cessation assistance from the Kansas Tobacco Quitline will double.
  • Retail sales to youth reduced from 7.8% to 5%.

Status Reports regarding the Strategic Plan:
2012 Status Report

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